Click pic to download print plate
(Microsoft Word doc) for flyers 1 - 8



FREE Campaign Flyer Print Plates

For a blank flyer template you can add you own advertisement to, click here


Click pic to download print plate
(Microsoft Word doc) for cover





Helpful Printing Hints - For a standard ink jet printer - Page 1 and 2 of the Word files with 8 of the campaign flyers on each of them are set up on for printing to standard 8.5x11 copy paper. Your ink cartridges should be pretty well full to print them. They won't use your ink to print a copy of each if they are full but it can get pretty expensive to print a pile of them unless you know how to refill the cartridges yourself or have a continuous refill system.

First, print out 2 sheets of the hundred-dollar bill cover for the flyers. Then flip them over to send them through the printer a second time making sure the topside of the page is facing down. Then print pages 1 and 2 of the inside of the flyer. There are PDF files available at the links below that will allow you to print a single front and back of either pages and one that will print both pages front and back if the printer is able to be set up for it.

01 - 8.5x11 page 1 front.pdf

02 - 8.5x11 page 2 front.pdf

03 - 8.5x11 pages 1-2 back.pdf

04 - 8.5x11 page 1 front and back.pdf

05 - 8.5x11 page 2 front and back.pdf

06 - 8.5x11 whole set front and back.pdf

07 - 8.5x11 page 1 front.doc

08 - 8.5x11 page 2 front.doc

09 - 8.5x11 pages 1-2 same back.doc

Inside Flyer Template

Google's Word program does not allow these Word files to format correctly because they have so many floating images on them. So they must be downloaded to view them. Once downloaded and saved, DO NOT SAVE changes to the documents in the future, or move the images on the page, or they will not line up with the opposing side of the flyer.


Click pic to download print plate
(Microsoft Word doc) for flyers 9 - 16


For the 11x17, download the PDF file titled "03 11x17 front and back.pdf", then take it to a print shop and tell them to print both sides on a 11x17 sheet of copy paper. At Staples, it will cost about $2.00.

01 11x17 front.doc

02 11x17 back.doc

03 11x17 front and back.pdf


















Click pic to download PDF file for all 16 flyers formatted to be printed on one sheet of 11x17 copy paper at a copy store (be sure to tell them to set it up for a two sided print)